Address Health Check

With Autoaddress Address Health Check, you can instantly see how clean and GDPR compliant your address data is.

  • Detect and eliminate spelling and formatting errors
  • Detect and anonymise personal information entered in the address field
  • Transform and improve the quality of your customer address data

By integrating Autoaddress into your website or CRM software, you can validate addresses in real time to ensure that only accurate, correct addresses are stored in your system. However, if you have a legacy database, we can also batch verify, correct and append Eircodes to your existing records. Autoaddress has the highest match rate and lowest error rate in the industry.


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Supported file types: .csv, .dat, .gz, .rar, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, .zip


If you are considering using an address cleaning service but are unsure how useful doing so will be to your organisation, you can upload some sample addresses. Autoaddress Address Health Test will show you the percentage of addresses that:

  • were validated
  • were altered
  • had spelling mistakes
  • required reformatting
  • are GDPR compliant
  • require anonymisation

Learn more about how Autoaddress can help with GDPR compliance here.