New to the Autoaddress App ? Learn the basics about the features and navigation in the help guide below



Enter an Eircode and the address will autocomplete to confirm it is the correct address.  If you don’t know the Eircode start typing the address.  We’ve included our Autoaddress 2.0 technology to give you the best address capture experience for Irish addresses.
The address is displayed, and we call Google Maps API to determine the driving distance and travel time to the address from your current location.



When you have found an address, ​tap the map button map to see its location in the integrated Google Maps


If you ​tap the mylocation button it will re-centre the map and zoom out so you can see your location and the found address location on the map.

The blue dots that appear when you are zoomed in sufficiently on the map mark buildings that have an Eircode.  When you ​tap the Get Address button it returns the address of the building whose blue dot is nearest the centre of the target.  If there is no nearby blue dot we return the what3words address.


directionsWhen you have found an address, tap the Directions button the access location for the address is sent to your phone which will show you a list of installed Navigation Apps to choose from (e.g. Google Maps, TomTom, Apple Maps) and you can get turn by turn directions



You can save as many addresses as you need to your Favourites.  When you've found an address tap the save button and choose Create new favourite


You can share an address you've found, or one from your favourites, by tapping the share button.  This will send a sharing link to shareanyone via SMS, email or any messaging app you have on your phone.  The receiver will get a share link they can click on which will open the Autoaddress App and display the address.sharemessage

Locate Me


You can use the GPS on your phone to locate you on our integrated Google Maps and tap on Get Address to get an Eircode (or a What3word if not at an Eircode address) for your location.



what3words is a global grid of 57 trillion 3mx3m squares.  Each square has a 3 word address that can be communicated quickly, easily and with no ambiguity. We've incorporated their API to turn geographic coordinates into these 3 word addresses and vice-versa.  Using words means non-technical people can accurately find any location and communicate it more quickly, more easily and with less ambiguity than latitude & longitude or mobile short-links.  For more information see what3words.com 



Save your deliveries in the Autoaddress App, store contact phone numbers and other useful information.
Optimises your route by arranging your deliveries in the most efficient order.
Record your successful delivery (or if you were unable to deliver) saving the time of day and distance from the delivery location for verification.

Get a Delivery Zone code for each address that allows you to manually sort items and load your van.

Optimised Route

​To reorder or optimise your routes, you can press the cog button at the very top of the deliveries list, make sure that you are in the deliveries screen and to scroll to the top of the page to see the icon.

Note that the "Optimise Route" feature has a limitation and will only sort your deliveries if you have less than 24 entries. This limitation is present because any more than 24 addresses is too complex to process and cannot be processed in a reasonable amount of time or will not be reliable in accuracy.

Show on Map
This will show the stored optimised ​address points in order.

Report an Issue

We love feedback. Is the address for your Eircode incorrect?  Is your business name out-of-date?  

Your Eircode points at your building, but sometimes navigation apps can choose the wrong street or wrong entrance to get there, sending people up to hundreds of metres away from the right location.  Send us your Eircode and we'll send the correct access location when someone taps the Directions button on our app using your Eircode, no matter what Navigation app they use.  Problem solved instantly, and no waiting months for the underlying map data to be updated in every navigation app

Send us the information and we'll update our app to ensure accurate information is available to everyone.