End of GeoDirectory Support

In April 2016 we gave End of Product Life Cycle notice for Autoaddress 1.8 and older versions from 31st December 2016 and encouraged all users to migrate to Autoaddress 2.0.  ​A number of customers do not expect to fully migrate until 2017.  To support our customers with their migration plans we will continue to support Autoaddress 1.8 until all migrations have been completed.

Why are we doing this?

Autoaddress 1.8 and older versions use the GeoDirectory database, and Autoaddress will cease to be a Value Added Reseller for GeoDirectory on 31st December 2016.   Autoaddress 2.0 uses the Eircode Address Database, which has been available since August 2015. Autoaddress 2.0 includes functionally richer technology and has been designed from the ground-up to support Eircode.  Autoaddress 2.0 also supports Northern Ireland and UK addresses.  All new Autoaddress customers since September 2015 use Autoaddress 2.0, and most of our existing customers have migrated to Autoaddress 2.0.  

What are we doing?

To support our customers with their migration plans we have created Autoaddress 1.8 and earlier APIs that mimic the existing solution but call Autoaddress 2.0 under the hood.  On 31st December 2016 all calls to Autoaddress 1.8 and earlier will be routed to the new API and all data returned by the API will come from the Eircode Address Database rather than the GeoDirectory Database.

What do you need to do?

Customers do not need to change any existing code, the switch will be performed in our hosted environment and will be a seamless change for all customers.

Customers MUST have an Eircode End User agreement to continue their service past 31st December 2016.  Customers who do not have a valid Eircode End User agreement by that date will be unable to access Autoaddress 1.8 and earlier versions.

Will you see any differences after 1st January 2017?

The following GeoDirectory information is not available in the  Eircode Address Database.

NACE Codes
Autoaddress 1.8 will return Null.

Holiday Home
Autoaddress 1.8 will return Null.

Building Created date earlier than Q4 2014.
The earliest date returned by Autoaddress 1.8 will be Q4 2014.

Our support team are available to answer any questions you have about Autoaddress 1.8 and migration to Autoaddress 2.0.

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