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Posted by Monika Ghita | Aug 13, 2018

Euronics’ Ireland group includes over 60 locally owned home appliance stores nationwide. Euronics retailers are often family-run businesses that take pride in their customer service, product knowledge and competitive prices. They also focus on after-sales services, from delivery to installation, servicing and repairs. They care about their customers and pride themselves on the attention they give their customers after each sale. As such, capturing accurate address details for customers to ensure a fail-safe delivery process, especially in tricky rural areas, was the most important challenge for these retailers.


Furthermore, due to the mobile revolution and increases in mobile transactions, rapid address capture through autocomplete has become a critical capability. By autocompleting the address or Eircode as they are entered, Autoaddress saves Euronics customers up to 91% of keystrokes.

The implementation of the Autoaddress address capture and validation tool into Euronics’ checkout process eliminated failed deliveries, saving Euronics time and money. It also improved customers’ user experience by speeding up the checkout process and making it much more mobile friendly, thus improving customer satisfaction.

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In addition, it not only reduces the number of keystrokes but also accepts users’ preferred or vanity addresses, allowing hassle-free address entry while ensuring that correct postal addresses reached the retailer. This eliminates problems connected with the various types of addresses commonly not accepted by address entry tools.

The deployment was quick, and it was easy to customise the Autoaddress API for the retailers’ specific needs. As a result, Autoaddress was up and running on Euronics website a few days after the initial software enquiry.

Autoaddress was quick and straightforward to integrate. It saved us time and money, significantly improving our customers’ purchasing experience. The improved address data has resulted in a significant reduction in re-deliveries, and our delivery provider has reported an overall improvement to their delivery schedule.

Ciarán Delaney, Head of eCommerce & Digital Marketing, Euronics Ireland

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