• What can Eircode tell us about the Housing Market?

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Sep 11, 2017

    Can we use the Eircode database to ​establish the increase in residential units in Ireland in 2016? While it is obvious that building a new apartment block will increase the number, it is less obvious that a change of building use from residential to commercial or from a number of flats to a single residence will decrease the overall housing stock. To arrive at our figure we calculated the increase in residential addresses at the end of 2016 compared to the end of 2015, excluding all properties marked as under construction.

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  • Improving the Online Shopping Experience

    Posted by Monika Ghita | Aug 25, 2017

    How to Simplify the Tricky Parts of Buying Online – Optimising the eCommerce Checkout

    Even though retail eCommerce sales continue to rise and are expected to show solid gains in 2017, the rate of eCommerce growth is declining. As eCommerce and mCommerce (mobile commerce) are experiencing high rates of cart abandonment, companies are having to think about simplifying online purchase processes.

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  • Two years after launch: Who is using Eircode?

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Jul 08, 2017

    Two years already? Eircode was launched on 13th July 2015, and as its second birthday approaches this blog provides an update on Eircode usage by our customers. Which industries use Eircode the most? This table gives the top industry users of our API ranked by number of API calls.​

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  • It is surprisingly easy to determine the Eircode Routing Key for any address

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Jun 17, 2017

    The Eircode Routing Key is the first three characters of an Eircode. There are 139 of these in Ireland, which is five times more detailed than Counties. How easy is it to determine the Eircode Routing Key for an address? How much of the address needs to be matched in order to be confident? Surprisingly, you can easily and accurately determine the Eircode Routing Key for any address just by verifying one line of the address.

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  • A busy day at TechConnect Live 2017

    Posted by Monika Ghita | Jun 08, 2017

    Last week Ireland’s largest technology event, TechConnect Live 2017, was hosted at Dublin’s RDS. Over 5000 technology and business executives attended, including Ireland’s tech leaders, start-up founders and innovators. Obviously, we were keen to attend!

    At our stand we showed delegates how they can achieve not only an increase in sales and customer satisfaction but also improved data quality and fraud prevention.

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  • Autoaddress Status Page

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | May 04, 2017

    We have re-designed our API status page https://status.autoaddress.ie ​You can visit this page to determine if the Autoaddress API is experiencing any issues, or has experienced an issue in the past 24 hours. Our status page takes a live feed from our log files and displays this information on a Google Map in real-time, as well as updating the API calls counter for the day. Our service is in use 24/7 so you should see activity no matter what time you visit the page.

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  • Irish Addressing Explained: Postal, Geographic and Preferred Address

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Feb 09, 2017

    There is no official address for any location in Ireland. People living in the same street or townland or even the same house may write their addresses very differently. In the absence of an official address database for Ireland we can't say who is right or wrong, so essentially everyone is right (barring obvious errors such as wrong County or Dublin Postal District, etc.). This blog describes how addresses are constructed, the differences between Postal, Geographic and Preferred address and why differences in address formats can elicit an apoplectic "THEY'VE MOVED ME TO NAVAN!!!" response.

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  • Autoaddress 2.0 exceeds 100k daily address transactions

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Feb 08, 2017

    In recent weeks our real-time address entry solution Autoaddress 2.0 has surpassed 100,000 address transactions per day. While our API may be called multiple times per address, an address transaction equates to each individual address that has been entered via our customers' websites, apps, CRM, etc. Total API calls (excluding autocomplete keystrokes) average over 2.5 million per week.

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  • Reducing Eircode licensing costs

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Feb 05, 2017

    The inclusion of eircodes in Google Maps API allows free use of Eircode information on free, publicly accessible websites up to a certain level of usage with low incremental costs. No ECAF/ECAD license is required for these implementations. For a better user experience or more sophisticated requirements then an ECAF based solution that integrates with Google Maps API provides a cost effective solution for business

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  • Using Eircode with Google Maps

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Dec 21, 2016

    This blog describes how to use Google Maps as your primary Sat-Nav device for use with Eircodes. We'll cover the following: 1. How to set-up offline mode for all of Ireland 2. How to get directions to an Eircode 3. How to easily use your phone as an in-car Sat-Nav

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