• What has Eircode ever done for us?

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Jul 01, 2016

    romans The interior of MATTHIAS'S HOUSE. A darkened room with a very conspiratorial atmosphere...

    Reg: Here we are, a year after Eircode has been launched, and NOT ONE PERSON has used Eircode for ANYTHING.  It must be scrapped and replaced by a workable postcode.  We paid millions for it, I ask you, what has Eircode given to us in return?
    Stan: SUSI use it to improve the efficiency of grant claims, saving time on each application.  They used to spend ages looking up Google Maps.
    Reg:  Oh yeah, yeah its used for that. Yeah. That's true.

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  • Eircode Adoption Update

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Jun 17, 2016

    eircgoogtom Contracts have been signed with satellite navigation companies and negotiations are ongoing with others. Google and Eircode are working together to bring Eircodes to Google Applications, including Google Maps shortly. TomTom have concluded their licence negotiations for Eircodes and are currently integrating the codes into their products.

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  • Autoaddress brings Eircode to Microsoft Office 365

    Posted by Ronan O'Connor | Jun 07, 2016

    office-logo_v3 Address capture made simpler and more accurate with deployment of new app for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel
    Dublin, Ireland – June 7th, 2016 – Autoaddress today announced that it will be supporting its services in Microsoft Office 365, by rolling out an app that will allow people to use Eircodes – Ireland’s postcode system – to book meeting locations and capture address data in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel.

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  • Winning with Eircode - Delivery and Logistics

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Jun 02, 2016


    How does Eircode enable increased efficiency in the delivery and logistics sector?
    There are four key components:

    1. Capture and validate Eircode at source
    2. Batch process Pre-Advice file
    3. Use Small Areas to plan delivery allocation efficiently
    4. Assign deliveries to drivers and get real-time updates

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  • Seduced by a Spork

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Mar 24, 2016

    sporkvenn Spork inventors will provide demonstrations of how it works better as a fork compared to a spoon, or better than a spoon being used as a fork. This misses the more important point of how poorly it compares to a spoon as a spoon or a fork as a fork. There is an equivalence in our industry with the inventors of algorithm based location codes. These Spork inventors believe that as well as a general purpose location code their ​invention is perfect for all of the following uses...

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  • Mobile App Preview

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Mar 08, 2016

    Mobile%20App%20April%202016 We're making good progress on our Mobile App, here's a video preview of it in action
    Video Timeline 0:00 Enter an address or Eircode using Autoaddress 2.0 address entry API. 0:12 Address found and displayed 0:13 Address displayed on integrated Google Maps ...

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  • Winning with Eircode - Local Government

    Posted by Ronan O'Connor | Mar 06, 2016

    watdyn2 Waterford City and County Council are using Autoaddress in their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to provide rapid capture of customer contact address and Eircode. One of the main benefits for Waterford is in locating of incidents/cases when they are recorded. Previously staff were expected to pick a townland from a list of 1,000+ so that an incident could be located within the county.

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  • Winning with Eircode - Ecommerce

    Posted by Ronan O'Connor | Mar 03, 2016

    bonkers Give your customers a faster and more efficient checkout process ​with quick and accurate address entry.Improving the speed and user experience of the process reduces cart abandonment. Irelands favourite comparison & switching website, Bonkers.ie, helps thousands of households save money on their bills every month. Bonkers.ie initially incorporated Autoaddress address entry into one section of their website and were so impressed they have rolled it out to their entire checkout process.

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  • Eircode adoption in the public sector

    Posted by Ronan O'Connor | Mar 02, 2016

    Eircode recently provided an update on the current roll-out status in the public sector. As you can see from the table below, tremendous progress has been made since launch across a wide range of departments

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  • Big Benefit of Small Areas

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Jan 25, 2016

    Small Areas and Delivery Planning

    The generic term "Small Areas" rather underplays their usefulness and functionality.  They provide benefits in a wide range of applications including customer profiling, market penetration, epidemiology, risk accumulation and delivery planning.

    Small Areas are perfect as building blocks to define delivery areas and help group and plan deliveries.

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