• Using Autoaddress and Eircodes in Dynamics CRM

    Posted by Monika Ghita | Dec 01, 2016

    Waterford-Coco During the recent Eircode Success Stories Conference, Jon Hawkins, IS Project Leader at Waterford City & County Council, reported on the implementation of Eircode and on how Autoaddress is driving efficiencies.

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  • Eircode enable Bonkers to rebuild a better broadband selection process for their users

    Posted by Monika Ghita | Nov 17, 2016

    Bonkers-1 During the recent Eircode Success Stories Conference, William Kennedy, Software Developer at Bonkers Money Ltd, stated that Autoaddress was the fundamental centre on which they had built the new broadband comparison engine.

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  • SUSI saves time and provides a better service using Eircodes

    Posted by Monika Ghita | Nov 10, 2016

    susilogo During the recent Eircode Success Stories Conference, Paul Spring, ICT Manager at Student Universal Support Ireland, reviewed the results of Eircode and Autoaddress implementation, finding that it helped them save time and provide a better service.

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  • Eircode Success Stories Conference 2016 - Key Takeaways

    Posted by Monika Ghita | Nov 03, 2016

    Eircode Success Stories - Autoaddress On Tuesday, Autoaddress hosted a conference at the Marker Hotel in Dublin focussed on sharing experiences of implementing solutions using the new Irish postcode system, Eircode. We were particularly delighted by plaudits and testimonials from speakers using Autoaddress with Eircode, to get highly impressive results, which included: time savings – 2,666 hours within a 6-months period, increased conversions, enhanced customer experience, increased business efficiency, accuracy and removal of data entry errors.

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  • Conference: Eircode Success Stories, 1st November 2016

    Posted by Monika Ghita | Oct 25, 2016

    Join us for a FREE half-day conference on Eircode Success Stories, which will take place on Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 at the Marker Hotel in Dublin from 8:30 am until lunchtime. Many organisations have now implemented Eircode solutions within their businesses, and this event offers a unique opportunity to learn from their experience.

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  • Eircode Routing Keys

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Sep 21, 2016


    This blog lists all 139 Eircode Routing Keys with a descriptor. The descriptors applied to these Eircode Routing Keys are not official labels, however they generally follow pre-existing postal town names.
    What areas do these Routing Keys cover? See Google Map

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  • Autoaddress brings Eircode to Microsoft Excel 365

    Posted by Ronan O'Connor | Aug 16, 2016

    office-logo_v3 Address capture made simpler and more accurate with deployment of new app for Microsoft Excel 365.
    Dublin, Ireland – August 10th, 2016 – Autoaddress today announced that it will be supporting its services in Microsoft Office 365, by rolling out an app that will allow people to use Eircodes – Ireland’s postcode system – to capture address data in Excel.

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  • What If? Alternative Eircode History in a Parallel Universe

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Jul 28, 2016


    In our blog Top 5 Eircode Design Challenges published in April 2015 we gave an overview of some of the design ​implications we considered.  There were pros and cons for every option which needed to be carefully weighed before making the optimum choice.  When a decision is made, only the pros and cons of the chosen option are visible, and the pros and cons of the alternative options ​go unseen.   Criticism of design choices is perfectly valid, however there is a tendency to only point out the cons of the chosen design and the pros of the alternative option and ignore or dismiss it's associated cons.  Unfortunately we can't peek into a parallel universe and watch how those cons would have played out.

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  • Eircode Anniversary Fact Checks

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Jul 07, 2016

    The first anniversary of the launch of Eircode is Wednesday 13th July 2016. This blog fact checks some Eircode claims we've seen in recent articles. Eircode project cost figures in this article have been sourced from http://www.oireachtas.ie/ and C&AG report

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  • What has Eircode ever done for us?

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Jul 01, 2016

    romans The interior of MATTHIAS'S HOUSE. A darkened room with a very conspiratorial atmosphere...

    Reg: Here we are, a year after Eircode has been launched, and NOT ONE PERSON has used Eircode for ANYTHING.  It must be scrapped and replaced by a workable postcode.  We paid millions for it, I ask you, what has Eircode given to us in return?
    Stan: SUSI use it to improve the efficiency of grant claims, saving time on each application.  They used to spend ages looking up Google Maps.
    Reg:  Oh yeah, yeah its used for that. Yeah. That's true.

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