Improve analytics Reduce Cost

Trust the Eircode experts.  We have the complete solution for managing Irish addresses and Eircodes.


Append Eircodes

We will batch append eircodes to your existing records. Highest match rates and lowest error rates in the industry.


Capture Addresses

Validate addresses and eircodes at point of entry. Purpose built for Irish addresses.


Consultancy Services

​Optimise the benefits ​of clean address data with best practice address management.

Trust the Eircode Experts

  • We designed the Eircode format.
  • We designed, populated and maintain the ECAD database.
  • We appended eircodes to 46 million government address records.
  • We designed, built, host and maintain Eircode Finder

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49 million

Eircodes Appended

Autoaddress has appended millions of Eircodes to Government and ​Commercial databases.


30 thousand

Daily Address Captures

Our solutions are deployed across a wide range of websites capturing and verifying addresses.


15 years

Unparalleled Experience

Ireland's non-standard addresses require a custom solution.  Our experience ​will save you time and money.