New Resource for Irish Addressing Issues Launched


Autoaddress have officially launched a new online address issues page for all users of GeoDirectory in Ireland.

In order to use this new resource visit
Regardless of what address matching software you use, you can register with and input problem addresses for investigation. 
This page allows Autoaddress to gather and investigate any Irish addressing issue whether it specifically relates to the Autoaddress product or, more generally, An Post's GeoDirectory national address database. 
An Post GeoDirectory is the source for many Irish address software products. Autoaddress works directly with An Post to resolve any issues raised involving erroneous source data.
When an entered issue is identified as a GeoDirectory data issue, this is reported to GeoDirectory, tracked between GeoDirectory and Autoaddress and the issues page is updated with progress through to resolution of the problem.
Once you register with the site, log in and recreate your problem address search. You'll start by entering the problem address in an Autoaddress form (but again you dont have to be an Autoaddress customer):
You should add some detail (as much as you can) on the issue you have experienced. You have the ability to enter text, attach screenshots etc:
At any time you can log in and view your issues or search the list that other users have submitted:
You can edit any issues previously submitted:
....feel free to comment on other users issues:
By investigating addresses which Autoaddress does not match and by improving the address data at source, Autoaddress users benefit from a continuous increase in the quality of our matching. 
Behind the scenes, Autoaddress continuously investigate address searches performed by our customers. These would include addresses which have and unsatisfactory match level or are marked as "incorrect matches" or "incomplete addresses".
However, by opening up this new page to users of all Irish addressing products, everyone will gain since feedback is collected from a larger population of users.
This new issues page means that for the first time there is one centralised place on the web for reporting Irish address issues.