15 APR

Debunking 13 anti-Eircode arguments


Brian Lucey's latest blog post 13 things that are wrong with Eircode is a comprehensive re-publishing of anti-Eircode arguments.  What's wrong with the analysis?  Lots. 

1. Loc8 is Free, Eircode will cost up to 100 million

This is a classic case of comparing apples to oranges.  First let's look at the claim that Loc8 is free.  

14 APR

Eircode Implementation Workshop for the Public Sector



Meet the Experts Event

Autoaddress are hosting an exclusive event where you will meet the address experts behind Eircode, the new postcode system for Ireland, which will be introduced this summer. We will answer any questions you might have about best practice implementation of Eircode in your organisation's IT infrastructure, and also present our range of Eircode-enabled address solutions.

11 APR

Top 5 Eircode Design Challenges


The opportunity to design a new postcode system for a country doesn't come along very often. Ireland is the last country in the OECD to introduce postcodes.   The challenges range from ensuring rapid adoption to minimising the effects of postcode discrimination.

Postcodes have tremendous utility for non-postal purposes.  It may surprise many that in all other countries the sole design criteria has been the needs of the postal service.  This is understandable when you consider they have all been designed by their respective National Postal Service.

13 AUG

Eircode, Eircoding, Eircoded?


We waited years for postcodes to be introduced in Ireland, and then we get eircodes!

It took us a little while at Autoaddress to get our heads around calling them eircodes rather than postcodes, but now it all seems very natural.

The question now is how far to extend the vocabulary, inventing a whole new range of words or stick with existing generic terms?  The following are the list of new words we've been trying to get to grips with, together with generic options.  We've also run a highly scientific show of hands survey around the office to determine how likely we are to switch to the new terminology.


The process of appending an eircode to an address, usually in batch mode against an existing address database that doesn't have eircodes.

29 APR

Eircode is the name of Ireland's new national postcode system


Ireland will have one of the best postcode systems in the world when it launches in Spring 2015, says Eircode, the new Irish company that will manage the groundbreaking coding system.  Eircode is also the name given to the unique location codes that will be allocated to every address in the country – 2.2m of them.   

06 JAN

Irish Postcode Tender Win


We're delighted to confirm that we are members of the winning Consortium to design, develop and rollout a unique postcode for every address in Ireland.  The Consortium comprises Capita Ireland, Autoaddress and BearingPoint.

Autoaddress are providing our specialist address intelligence expertise to the project, and are responsible for designing the postcode format (that's the easy bit!), building the address database, assigning the postcodes to every address, postcoding millions of public sector database addresses, etc.  In short, we're extremely busy! Our postcode team began work last November.

18 JUL

Postcodes to be introduced in 18 months


Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte briefed Cabinet on National Postcode Procurement on 3rd July.  

He informed the Cabinet that a competitive tendering process is now at its final stage and that, after consideration by his Department of tenders received, he hopes to make a definitive proposal to colleagues in September. “The final tender for a national postcode system has issued last week; the responses will be evaluated by the Department during August and I will bring a comprehensive proposal to Government for approval in September”, Minister Rabbitte said.

The long-awaited postcode system will asign a “unique identifier” for every dwelling and premises.  Under the plan, householders and business owners will know their unique code within 18 months.

09 MAY

Postcodes are coming...?


The recent history of the introduction of Irish postcodes is a messy and convoluted affair. In its current guise, the issue of a national postal coding system first appeared in 2005, when ComReg, the Communications Regulator, began considering their introduction. A Postcode Working Group met in early 2005 and produced a report recommending the implementation of a postcode system. The then Minister for Communications, Noel Dempsey, announced that postcodes would be introduced in Ireland by January 1st, 2008.

In June 2007, the new Minster, Eamon Ryan reportedly postponed the implementation of the system "indefinitely" pending additional public consultation.

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